Author and owner of this website. Born in 1951, I am a qualified Radionics practitioner with the Radionic Association. I spent 24 years in the electronics industry between 1973 and 1997 and prior to this left University with a degree in Economics. I have studied both Radionics and Homoeopathy extensively. Apart from my work as a therapist I design Radionic instruments for both MGA and myself (see LRI and the Alpha-Numeric Transducer).




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Anyone wishing to get a general grasp of what Radionics is about should read:

Report On Radionics by Edward Russell.

ISBN 85435 002 0 published C W Daniel & Co, 1 Church Path, Saffron Walden, Essex CB10 1JP, UK

Russell provides a comprehensive and highly-readable survey of Radionics from its beginnings to the period of Rae and Tansley.


A more technical approach is provided by David Tansley in his books:

Radionics & the Subtle Anatomy of Man
ISBN 0 85032 059 5 published by C W Daniel & Co 

Chakras, Rays and Radionics
ISBN 0 85207 161 2 also published by C W Daniel & Co.
This book contains a Chapter by John Da Monte on the miasms.

Radionics - Interface With the Ether Fields
ISBN 0 85032 129 8 also published by C W Daniel & Co

Dimensions of Radionics by Tansley, Rae and Westlake
ISBN 0 914732 29 3 published by Brotherhood of Life, Inc., 110 Dartmouth SE, Albuquerque, N.M. 87106


To understand Tansley’s work more thoroughly, Alice Bailey’s work should be studied, in particular Esoteric Healing, Esoteric Psychology 1 and Esoteric Psychology 2.  These are published by Lucis Press.


The Chain of Life by Dr W. Guyon Richards, now apparently out of print, is a fascinating and intriguing book on Radionics and Radionic therapeutics and should be studied if you can get hold of a copy. Not for the beginner. It was published by C W Daniel, so writing to them might help persuade them to reprint it.


The Science of Cosmic Ray Therapy, or Teletherapy by Dr Benoytosh Bhattacharya, revised and enlarged by Dr A.K. Bhattacharya and Dr. D. N. Ramchandran

This is the first book I read on Radionics and although it impressed me greatly I did not accept a word of it. The only possibility was to try it and see if it worked. And here we are.....

Published by Firma KLM Private Limited, 257/B, B.B. Ganguly Street, Calcutta-700012, India. An earlier edition is also available, known as Teletherapy.

May possibly be bought through Watkins Booksellers in London, address 19 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ, phone number (+44) (0) 207 836 2182

May also be available through or and other Internet bookshops, or from booksellers in India.


A New Science of Life and The Presence of the Past, by Rupert Sheldrake, may provide indications which give a theoretical basis as to how Radionics might work, although it does not deal with Radionics as such. See section below, FAQ 2.

A number of useful pamphlets and books by the late Dr Bruce Copen on pendulum technique and basic Radionics methods are available from Copen Laboratories.

Original works on Radionics by Albert Abrams, Drown and others have been reprinted by Borderland Sciences Research Foundation and are interesting source material.

Richard Gerber MD, in Vibrational Medicine for the 21st Century, has included
a chapter on Radionics which provides a very useful overview.
ISBN 0-7499-1963-9 published in the UK by Piatkus
The US publisher is William Morrow and Company, Inc of New York.




Radionics is a part of the larger science known as dowsing, or Radiesthesia. There are many more books on dowsing and related topics than there are on Radionics. Here are some which may be of interest:

Anyone Can Dowse For Better Health, by Arthur Bailey. This is an excellent introductory book for the beginner.


The Power of The Pendulum, by T C Lethbridge, published Penguin Arkana; Lethbridge also wrote a range of other, related, works.


The Divining Hand (subtitled The 500-Year Old Mystery of Dowsing), by Christopher Bird   ISBN 0-924608-16-1, published by the Whitford Press, 77 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, Pennsylvania 19310, USA


The Secret Life of Plants, by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird
ISBN 0-06-091587-0, published by the Perennial Library (Harper & Row)


Secrets of the Soil, by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird
ISBN -14-019311-1, published by Penguin Arkana


An Introduction to Medical Radiesthesia & Radionics, by Vernon D Wethered
SBN 85207-109-4, published by C W Daniel & Co, 1 Church Path, Saffron Walden, Essex CB10 1JP, UK


Books by Gurudas contain much of interest:




All published by Cassandra Press, San Rafael, Ca 94915, USA


A large range of books on dowsing (la Radiesthesie) and related subjects is published by La Maison de la Radiesthesie in Paris, but you have to be able to read French. Much pioneering work on Dowsing was done in France and some classics are available in English through Borderlands - such as A New and Rational Treatise of Dowsing by Pierre Beasse.

A large range of books and dowsing equipment is also available from EDITIONS SERVRANX, Rue Gustave Biot 23 - 25, B-1050 Bruxelles, Belgium. All in French.
Phone  00 32 (0)2 649 1840    Fax 00 32 (0)2 649 1210



There is a vast range of books on Homoeopathy but the core text is:


Various imprints are available but the version edited by Wenda Brewster O'Reilly is particularly useful. It is published by Birdcage Books, PO Box 2289, Redmond, Washington 98073-2289 USA
ISBN 1-889613-01-0

Those seeking to understand the basics should also read:

ISBN 0-7225-1310-0 published by Thorsons (HarperCollins)

Published by B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd, 1921 Chuna Mandi, St. 10th Paharganj, Post Box No. 5775, New Delhi 110 055, INDIA

Various publishers, including B. Jain

A large number of articles about Homoeopathy, and a few about Radionics, have
been written by Peter Morrell. These can be found at


The Radionic Association, Baerlein House, Goose Green, Deddington, Oxon. OX15 0SZ; tel. / fax 01869 338852; e-mail

Bruce Copen Laboratories Ltd, Lindfield Enterprise Park, Lindfield, West Sussex RH16 2LX   phone 01444 487900; fax 01444 483555; e-mail

Magneto-Geometric Applications (manufacturing Malcolm Rae-designed equipment), 45 Dowanhill Road, Catford, London SE6 1SX phone 0208 461 2220; fax 0208 461 5253

Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, PO Box 220, Bayside, California 95524, USA; phone (1) 707 825 7733 and fax (1) 707 825 7779

Maison de la Radiesthesie, 22 Rue Godot de Mauroy, 75009 Paris, France     phone (1) 33 1 44 56 0930

The Society of Homoeopaths, 2 Artizan Road, Northampton NN1 4HU, UK; phone 01604 621400, fax 01604 622622



Emerald Innovations, 16 Orchard Road, Longlevens, Gloucester GL2 0HX, UK phone/fax 01452 527677

Stone Age, The Glastonbury Experience, rear courtyard, 2 - 4 High Street, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 9DU, UK, phone 01458 835514



A few FAQs:

1. Are Radionic instruments really necessary?
It is argued - and has apparently been demonstrated - that Radionic results can be obtained by, for instance, drawing a picture of a Radionic instrument on a piece of paper, marking in the settings, and using this for treatment. Therefore, the argument continues, why do we need to purchase instruments? It might also be asked - but what was the quality of the result?

This question is dealt with at length by Malcolm Rae in Dimensions of Radionics, who explains that the instrument provides a tuning focus for the mind. Radionic practitioners may have many patients under treatment, and it would be extremely difficult - probably impossible - to hold the image of each patient and the respective treatment in concentrated focus at all times. Thus the instrument acts as a kind of ‘sample and hold’ device which allows the operator to set it up for a treatment and then leave it while getting on with other activities. The practitioner has already provided the basic impetus through his or her intent to heal and the Radionic instrument does the rest. For a further expansion on the idea of intent, it is worth reading A Treatise On White Magic by Alice Bailey, which is essentially about creativity through focused intention, and not, as the title seems to suggest, forms of magical ritual.

It should also be noted that Radionic treatments, unlike, for example faith healings, use highly-specific treatments which are designed to alleviate specific energetic disturbances as identified by the practitioner. Thus selection of the most appropriate treatments is a crucial part of Radionic work and the practitioner will spend much time determining what needs to be done and how. Thus, working without an instrument, not only would the practitioner have to hold in mind a general intention to heal but also many specific intentions held specifically for a number of patients.

 2. Is Radionics actually magic by another name?

Not being a magician I cannot give detailed comments about magic and its aims and intentions. But as described above, in Radionic working the objective is to heal specific health problems using precisely-specified Radionic codes. In doing so the practitioner must have the patient's permission, preferably in writing. We do not perform treatments to help solve financial problems or induce invisibility or find new lovers etc, which may be the province of the magical arts. Useful books on magic have been written by Dion Fortune and the interested reader could consult those works for an introduction to this subject. Similarly black magic may be used to attack other persons by the creation of astral entities and so on (see Dion Fortune - Psychic Protection) but obviously, this is done without the other person's consent and usually bears harmful intent on the part of magician. However it has fallen to Radionics from time to time to give treatments to rid patients of supposed possessing entities, curses and other pseudo-miasmata. These must be taken seriously; they may be delusions on the part of the patient but their effects may be very serious.

Another view is that it may be a misnomer in general terms to talk about magic as such; magic, sorcery, witchcraft etc may well be simply personifications of things which are not yet understood or accepted by mainstream human thought - the question of whether magical operations are actually efficient or effective being a secondary matter. To look at it another way, if you can still find on this planet ‘primitives’ who have not witnessed modern technology, and you switch a radio on in front of them and music or voices come out of it, they might well ascribe the phenomenon to ‘magic’. We modern people of course know that the radio is a device for picking up electromagnetic waves which have been broadcast from a radio station. On the other hand if the untutored modern person looks at a piece of music by Mozart on an oscilloscope (a device for looking at electromagnetic waveforms) he will see a very complex line wiggling around on the screen and will probably wonder how that translates into the melodies of the 41st Symphony, so his puzzlement may be as great as that of the tribesman with a bone through his nose. If we took this yet a further step and gave him a print-out of the binary data for a 24-bit digitally-encoded version of Mozart and explained that this was, in fact, the symphony, I am sure our modern consumer would be utterly baffled. In short, as I see it at present, if we decide to call Radionics ‘magic’ it is simply because we don’t have a better explanation, and thus we also, from a certain standpoint, are ‘primitives’. Magic so-called may in fact be the manipulation of ‘non-physical’ (or subtle) energies and formative forces by a physical person to bring about certain desired results on the physical plane.

We might further take the view that everything in the Universe happens under Law, and where we have not discerned the nature of those Laws, we think in terms of Magic, Miracles, and so forth. From another angle, this might lead to the idea that where the manipulation conforms to the Law, it is White Magic, and where the manipulation attempts to breach the Law, it is Black Magic, and hence the personal danger to the prospective Black Magician when the Law ultimately re-asserts itself. This would help the reader to understand the nature of Radionic working, in that ill intent will come back on the practitioner.

Most human activities are preceded by thought at some level and the effective person is the one who can translate his or her thought into physical manifestation through the strength of their intent, in short, their ability to manifest thought on the physical plane. Thus is could be argued that everyone practises ‘magic’ to a greater or lesser degree according to their level of success at getting what they want out of life.

The concepts of Morphogenetic Fields, Morphic Resonance and the Theory of Formative Causation may help provide further explanations for some of the processes taking place in Radionics, particularly on the matter of analysis and treatment selection. These theories have been set out by Rupert Sheldrake in his books A New Science of Life and The Presence of the Past, although, as noted, there is no discussion of Radionics in the text.

3. What type of pendulum should I use?

Many different types of pendulum are available and it can be argued that a pendulum simply amplifies a muscle reaction in the arm of the dowser and therefore any suitable object will do, such as a wedding ring on the end of a cotton thread. I personally use small inexpensive brass pendulums as I find that appropriate weight and balance are important to facilitate rapid working.