Magneto Geometry was developed by Malcolm Rae, one of a group of pioneering Doctors, Homoeopaths and Radionic researchers working in Britain from the 1940s through to the 1980s. This group included Dr. George Laurence, founder of the Psionic Medical Association; George de la Warr; Dr Aubrey Westlake; Dr Guyon Richards; John Da Monte; David Tansley, and other notables.

Rae himself had a distinguished career in the Royal Navy, where he rose to the rank of Commander during World War II. While in the Navy he was introduced to the ideas of Radionics by a Captain Atkinson. Although he rejected Radionics at the time, he later became interested in it during the 1950s and carried on to develop remarkable new techniques and instruments. Some of this work is described in detail in the book DIMENSIONS OF RADIONICS by Tansley, Rae and Westlake (ISBN 0-914732-29-3).

At first Rae worked with 'conventional' Radionic instruments, derived from the work of Abrams and Drown. These instruments coded the vibrational quality of a selected substance in terms of a chain of numbers - Diamond, for example, is 442337. By dowsing round a circle Rae discovered that distinct pendulum reactions are obtained at certain angular relations to the earth's magnetic field. These are marked within the circle (see below) as radial lines. The resolution of each line is to one degree of arc. The result is a system of cards, two of which are illustrated below. There are currently more than 25,000 cards in the MGA system.

MGA Card 2.jpg (13550 bytes)                    MGA Card 3.jpg (11251 bytes)

These cards are used in various instruments. The ANALYSER is used to build up a picture of the human energy field and any disturbances in it. The basic method is Location (e.g. Respiratory system) - Factor (e.g. Infection) - and Correction (e.g. Homeopathic remedy).

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The SIMULATOR may be used to either prepare oral remedies or to give Radionic distant treatment using the appropriate cards.

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     Malcolm Rae      (1913 - 1979)

     David Tansley 2.jpg (13721 bytes)

      David Tansley        (c. 1934 - 1988)

John Damonte.gif (15872 bytes)

     John Da Monte       (1916 - 1975)